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There are many ways you can get involved at Changed Lives Ministry.  You can become involved by making donations to our ministry, volunteering your time, shopping at our Resale store or Amazon, attending our graduation services, and keeping this ministry in your prayers.

Professional Services

  • Attorney

  • Licensed Contractor

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Social Worker

  • Counselor

  • Medical Professional

Events & Fundraising

  • Plan Events

  • Work Registration

  • Be on the creative team 


Social Media

Making Phone Calls

Runnings Errands

Other Admin Tasks


  • Volunteer at Resale Store

  • Receive Donations

  • Stock Shelves

  • Stage Merchandise

  • Assist Customers

You can view our recent needs list below. Please contact the Men & Women's managers to set up drop-off time. Thank you for giving to our ministry. 


You can help Changed Lives Ministry while you shop.  When shopping on Amazon, use this link 

5% of qualified purchases will go to Changed Lives Ministry.  Prices are the same and Changed Lives Ministry benefits!

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