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Keith griggs


I 've been a part of Changed Lives Ministry since 2003 when it was called the Motel Ministry.  Helped establish and organize the foundation principles, guidelines, values and goals for this program. My lovely wife Barbara and daughter Caitlin have weathered the storm along side of me through all the pains and struggles that goes along with this ministry. We definitely experienced a lot and still experiencing trials with this ministry. I got involved as a result of one of my 12 siblings checking in to the Motel Ministry. As a young Christian, the sprit of Christ was drawing me closer and strengthening my relationship with Him. What a blessing it has been to be a part a ministry that is impacting not only my life but also the lives of men and women in our community for Christ.  What's even more amazing is how our community has embraced this ministry.  The love that has been poured out from churches, businesses, organizations and other Christians can only be described as the Holy Spirit at work. God truly has his hands upon Changed Lives Ministry.

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