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Our History


Changed Lives Ministry started in July 2003.

Pastor Mickey White, was pastor of Santee Circle Community Church and envisioned a ministry that focused on helping men with addictions. With a shepherds heart and desire to lead others to Christ, he pursued this vision by soliciting others in the community to partner with him.

His friends Marvin and Carol Wiggins were owners of the Berkeley Motel in the Heart of Moncks Corner, SC and they agreed to provide a couple of motel rooms to get the ministry started. Wherefore, the Santee Circle Community Church “Motel Ministry” was established.

In the beginning, the focus was getting men off the streets that were homeless because of addictions. They were provided shelter, food, transportation to church, and help to get into other established residential rehabilitation programs. The number of men increased and soon after, the Wiggins were providing rooms and meals for over 25 men.

Some of Marvin’s friends approached him with concerns that these men he was helping were not worth the effort and would bring him down financially. His reply on this comment was “If just one man makes it (rehabilitated successfully) then it’s all worth it. Amen!

The stay at Berkeley Motel came to an end in August 2005 when the Wiggins sold their property to a franchise Drug store. The ministry was then relocated to Tracy’s Camp in Summerton SC for a few months and then, temporarily moved to Calvary Baptist Church’s pastoral home until the current site was established.

During this time of transition, Pastor Mickey White appointed Keith Griggs as Director and along with the other Board members they worked hard and prayed for God to show them the type of Christian Rehabilitation Program He wanted them to be.

What an awesome experience it was to witness how God orchestrated in putting this ministry together.

The site was selected and a road, septic system and well were all put in at no cost to the ministry. Buildings were donated, people volunteering to provide labor, materials and services, it was great. The curriculum, rules and guidelines were established and in June 2006 the ministry relocated to the current location off Reid Hill Road.

Thereafter the ministry was renamed “Changed Lives Ministry” (2 Cor.5:17). In April 2010 the CLM Transitional House was established as an extension to the structured program of CLM for additional accountability and to help the men ease back into the work force and society.

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